Sony ps4 pro

Sony Officially Reveals PS4 Pro

The long rumored PlayStation 4 upgrade has finally been revealed and Sony is calling it PS4 Pro. As expected, it runs games at 4K resolution and provides better frame rates for certain titles as well.

However, to not give any advantage to Pro users, Sony has announced that all multiplayer games will run at similar frame rates. Now this is great news because if regular users were playing at 30fps as opposed to 60fps of PS4 Pro, then they would be at quite a disadvantage.

That’s not the only thing remaining the same though as Sony also revealed that every game that comes on PS4 Pro, will also come to the regular PS4. The tech giant assures that they are not looking to divide up their community with the upgrade.

It was rumored that the upgrade would come out next year, but that turned out to be untrue as Sony officially announced that PS4 Pro will hit the shelves on November 10, 2016.


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