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StealthMate Review: A Great Tool to Improve Employee Productivity

The trend of using monitoring software to monitor employees in the workplace is increasing day by day due to the many benefits it offers. However, a lot depends on the particular product that is in use, as different monitoring solutions come with different features, capabilities, and most importantly, different degree of effectiveness. One name that often comes up in employee monitoring discussions is StealthMate. Touting great features and performance, this particular software promises to live up to the expectations of any employer. Is it truly capable of achieving that? Let’s find out in our StealthMate review.

Prevent Data Leakage

Data leakage is the worst nightmare for any company, as it can have a serious impact on its competitive advantage and even its long-term survival. Data leakage is mostly an insider job, which is why companies should closely monitor all the employees. StealthMate has made employee monitoring easier and simpler for businesses. It not only monitors, but also saves everything employees do on company-owned computers and mobile devices. If any employee is spending too much time on calls or sending emails to unknown people with heavy attachments, then this means there is something wrong. It also monitors Skype chat, text messages and much more in order to know more about the daily routine of employees and their loyalty towards the organization.

Improve Work Efficiency

StealthMate improves the work efficiency of employees in following ways:

  • Employees stop wasting time playing online games,
  • They avoid texting and making calls during work hours, unless it is very urgent,
  • They stop performing personal activities like online shopping, browsing the web, socializing, etc.,
  • They become punctual,
  • They do not waste time chatting with colleagues.

Track Employee Location

The distinguishing feature of this employee monitoring software is that it not only tracks the location of laptop, but also cell phones. This is the best way to know if a field employee is actually on the jobsite, or is somewhere else, as most of the employee lie about their location while working away from the office. StealthMate track location even in the absence of a GPS system, which is quite impressive.

Greater Awareness

With StealthMate, the employer can literally know what an employee is doing from the time he logs in to the time he logs out. The good thing is that employer can have access to this information anytime from anywhere.

Limit Risk and Avoid Litigation

StealthMate limits the risk of information misuse, conflict among employees, organizational bullying, low productivity, decrease in profits, and much more through its advanced features. Furthermore, it helps the company in the time of need, especially in case of any false accusation by any employee, as data gathered through this software is acceptable in the court of law.

Alert Upon Specific Events

StealthMate sends alerts on SIM change and also gives alerts about the change of location. Location alert is not automatically generated whenever location of device changes. User may request location through SMS whenever he wants. This feature is particularly useful in case of theft as the exact location of device can be checked with this smart PC and cell phone monitoring app.

The best thing about StealthMate is that it works on laptops and cell phones both. It supports Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone and Blackberry but it does not support Symbian.


Overall, StealthMate is a good option as it works for both PC and mobile devices, and its price is quite affordable.

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