Tech Companies Wage War Against Donald Trump’s Immigration Ban

U.S. President Donald Trump recently signed an executive order to impose immigration ban on seven Muslim countries. The decision has been facing a lot of backlash around the globe, and now, major tech companies have started to show solidarity against this order as well.

Tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, and Google has signed a letter that says that their company is against the order and will do everything in their power to retain their immigrant employees from the listed nations. Apart from these three giants, over 94 Silicon Valley firms have signed the same letter and are asking Trump to take it back immediately.

As good as this imitative is, it is still missing some of the key players that contribute a lot to the U.S. economy. One of them of course is Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla – one of the largest corporations in the country. Other than Tesla, there is General Electric, which also hasn’t stepped up for Muslims. Some other important names that should’ve been on the list, but aren’t have been named below.

  • Tesla
  • IBM
  • WeWork
  • AOL
  • Tinder
  • AT&T
  • Yahoo
  • T-Mobile
  • General Electric
  • Oracle
  • SpaceX
  • Tumblr
  • HP
  • Amazon
  • Slack

As you can see, a lot of big names still haven’t signed the letter against immigration ban. However, there is still time and some of these companies might jump on board. However, probability of all of these organizations signing is close to none. If they had any intention of doing it, they would’ve done it already.

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