The 4 Most Common Motives behind a Hackers Attack

Hacking may have been an adventure or a way of boosting self-esteem for youngsters in the past, but it has become a major tool for exploiting people these days. Unfortunately, most of the people are not aware about the extent of damage hacking can cause, which is why they take malware, spam and adware as routine issue. To all those people, we’d just say that please wake up as it is the matter of your computer security. If your computer gets hacked, the implications can be severe. Let’s take a look at few of the most common motives behind a hacker’s attack.

1. Misusing Your Financial Details

Hacking a computer can prove to be an easiest way of earning money. Hackers can get access to your passwords, bank account number, credit card details and other financial information and then use it for their benefit. So, if your computer has been compromised, then do not get shocked if you come to know that your stocks have been sold, or your credit card limit has been reached, or your bank account is empty.

2. Corrupting your Device with Adware and Spam

Another reason behind hacking is bombarding the computer with an excessive amount of adware and spam. If you receive emails containing advertisements in bulk, or a pop-up window appears on your screen asking you to buy any product, or you are directed to the wrong website, then your computer is probably under attack.

3. Getting Hands on your intellectual Property

There was a time when people used to hire private investigators or spies in order to get secret information about any intellectual or property. Now, all you need is a professional hacker to get the job done. What hackers do is they get access to your private information for the purpose of selling it to their paymasters. They may be your competitors or the ones who keep a grudge against you. Hackers carefully open a doorway to your computer and start collecting all your information by accessing your emails, folders, files, and much more. The chances are that this information will be used against you. A large number of well-known companies have lost their business secrets and sensitive information to hacking because of this.

4. Hijacking Your Computer

Hackers get full control of your computer and then use it for hacking other computers and carrying out other illegal activities. Botnet is a term commonly used for this phenomenon. It is basically a network of computers that are specifically used to transfer spam and adware to other computers. The shocking thing is that computer owners are never aware of this. Each computer is called a bot and botnet usually consists of hundreds of bots virtually linked to a central or multiple servers, not necessarily in the same region. The word botnet is derived from robot and network as the computers under attack act as robots in the hands of hackers.

Being optimistic is good, but it is also necessary to face the reality. Now that you are aware of the potential risks associated with hacking, it’s very important to take preventive measures like downloading an efficient antivirus program. If you get a slight hint that your security is being compromised, then waste no time in deleting your sensitive data, lest it falls in the wrong hands.


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