The New Facebook Chat Messenger For Windows 7 Has Been Released Officially

The ever awaited Facebook Chat Messenger has now released Officially by Facebook soon after it’s download link was Leaked on internet on 28th December 2011. The new Facebook chat messenger like other chat messenger is mainly made for interactive purpose and also to remove constant Chat lag’s which we face on traditional Facebook chat. Facebook had been testing this Messenger Application with few users since November and in the late December an Italian Hacker cracked out the messenger’s download link and the link was published is various site’s such as Techcrunch and Theverge .

facebook new chat messenger officially released

Facebook Chat Messenger

The messenger as a whole has lots of features packed in it and can access Facebook chat, Facebook notification and Facebook ticker feed. The Official Facebook Messenger looks just like the current New Facebook Chat Bar with ticker feed  having notification , Message notification and Friends Request notification box on the top of the chat bar. The only Bad news is that This Desktop Version of Official Facebook Chat messenger is only Available for Windows 7 user’s currently. Facebook had previously released their official chat Application for iOS , Blackberry and android enabled mobile phone. This early release of the new messenger further adds up to collection of official facebook applications.

Download Facebook Chat Messenger (New)

This new Facebook Chat Messenger has a neat Dock feature that will fix the messenger to the right side of the screen. So you can now you can simultaneously browse your computer files or even browse other site’s  from your browser and also get to see the Messenger on right side of the screen. It also gives Gnome like notification when the Facebook Messenger is not pinned in windows 7 , such as if you receive any notification like comment on a photo , or a new status update , etc then a notification will pop from the bottom right corner showing us there are some new notifications.

Facebook could have used up the Pinning feature of Windows 7 much better such as rather than showing up the chatting box it could have shown the Messenger instead. But sometime’s this feature turns out to be good when you are browsing on another site and you want to reply to a chat  then you don’t need the messenger to show up but only the chat box. The chat box has different tabs when you are chatting with multiple persons and is in-fact quite user friendly. Moreover the changes in the chat is instant and there would be no Further Time lag in chatting such as you don’t need to refresh your page if the chatbar is not updating.

I have been testing this Messenger from yesterday and till now there is no much serious bug. And if you are one who want to test this facebook messenger before the release date and be one of the people to test it then during beta period then you can download it from here. This download link is now Available in Facebook Help Center also.

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