TechoMag is fortunate to have some of the most hardworking and passionate individuals from different parts of the world dedicating their efforts to making this blog a reliable source of technology news, reviews, guides, and opinion pieces.

Sara Naveed – Editor

Having an experience of 3+ years in the content field, Sara Naveed not only works as an editor at Techomag but also writes fiction novels in her leisure time. Hailing from Pakistan, she’s known to be one of the contemporary fiction novelist of her times with two of her books already been published.

She enjoys reading, conducts research on blogs related to technology, movies, and literature, and also finds immense pleasure in writing about the tech-world.

Hammad Toufeeq – Co-editor

Belonging to Pakistan, Hammad Toufeeq has proven to be a valuable asset for our organization. Three years ago, he had been hired as a staff writer but soon was promoted to the position of a Co-editor, owing success to his unparalleled hard work and zeal for technology.

With profound knowledge and extensive experience, Hammad has clearly paved the way for success because of his never-ending passion for the world of gaming and technology. He mostly overviews the news articles and is proficient at writing gaming blogs.

He also enjoys writing about latest apps and software. On a lighter note, he is an adventure freak and an avid reader.

Emma Moran – Copy Editor

Based in Ontario, Canada, Emma Moran is serving as a copy editor for our organization. Previously, she has worked for various technology based online magazines and her work has appeared in both online and print. Her remarkable copy-editing skills are reflected in her work.

A gratified graduate of Ryerson University, Emma writes on a wide variety of subjects but mainly specializes in technology, social media, and gaming.

Abigail Clark – Staff Writer   

Abigail Clark has recently started working for us, but she’s a veteran in the field of tech writing. She has written multiple opinion pieces, reviews, news, and guides that have helped out the audience. And now she graces our website with her expertise.

Abigail Clark hails from the U.S. and has been working in the industry for a long time. She has worked for multiple blogs and wrote about multiple topics. She has strong understanding of technology, and now she’s focusing on writing guides, news, and reviews for us.

Abigail Clark and her passion for technology can be witnessed quite clearly in her work. We are lucky to have such knowledgeable personality in our midst.

Olivia Bennet – Staff Writer

With a degree in MA Language and Literary from the The City College of New York, Olivia Bennet decided to pursue her career in the writing industry. Her decision to opt for this industry proved right when she landed as a full-time staff writer in our organization.

She now works here as a full-time staff writer and primarily writes news and reviews articles for technology, video games, and software. When she’s not writing tech-related articles, she is found playing video games.

Henry Adams – Writer   

Previously served as a content writer for renowned technology websites and blogs, Henry Adams has now been working as a contributor in our organization.

He considers himself the biggest tech-freak on the face of the earth and has an acute passion for electronic gadgets including smartphones and gaming consoles. In his free time, he enjoys cycling and going on adventurous trips.