The Top 5 Cloud Computing Service Providers


Cloud computing is becoming a trend in nowadays because of it’s flexibility and applicability in different fields of online business.Cloud computing is a web hosting service which is necessary for online business. There are a number of providers to provide the cloud computing to the users.But the reliability and flexibility of the cloud computing service providers is  important for the better use of this application.Here is the top five cloud computing service providers.

1) Amazon  Web Services

Amazon web services - Cloud computingThe important fact about this company is that they provide attractive services to the business groups.  Because of their customer friendly approach they are one of the most rated cloud service providers.The main attractiveness of this is that the customers don’t need to purchase any hardware for the business.Instead they can use the infrastructure of Amazon by paying a small rent.The customers can easily add or remove the data so that Amazon service is considered as best user friendly for customers.

2) Microsoft Word 365

Microsoft office 365 - cloud computingMicrosoft recently enters to the cloud computing service through it’s word365.Small cloud computing users using this service because the user gets full access to all M S applications through this service.Another important feature of this word365 is that it is affordable to small business groups.It also offers full access to all the M S services like internet , documents etc. Also video calling , instant messaging , PC-PC audio connections etc are available.

3) Google Enterprise Cloud services

Google enterprise Cloud servicesGoogle application service also aims to small business groups.Google started the cloud computing service an year ago. Thus it is more reliable than Microsoft for the users.Google’s cloud service is having a lot of similarity with the the Microsoft cloud services. Here user can access the e-mail address, mobile e-mail, IM address, Google docs etc. That is why it is preferable for small business groups.

4) Apple’s Cloud

apple-cloud storage service icloudApple cloud was expected to service in the late 2011.But before the release of the iCloud service of Apple customers had a huge expectation over the  product.Apple’s iCloud is called as “an online hard drive on steroids”.The important feature of this iCloud service is that it provides cloud services to wireless to laptops , mobile phones , iPod etc. Generally we can say that iCloud extends the applicability of cloud to  wide fields.That is why the user includes this  service to his/her top five list.It also grant access to e-mails, calenders  and contacts as well as multiple users can edit them.

5) Dropbox – Cloud Computing

Dropbox is also a new comer to the cloud computing industry , which is having a number of user friendly applications.The important thing about this cloud service is the security of the data.User can store the confidential data on providers server ,which is having high security.The rates for the data is also affordable.The main feature of Dropbox is that the user can set manually bandwidth for the transmission of data , which will prevent the crash of server due to overloading.It also provides  access to documents, e-mails etc.It stores 2GB data for free.

 Here is the top 5 cloud computing service providers which are analysed and ranked based on their user friendliness and flexibility.


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