Top 6 Mac Viruses

Top 6 Mac Viruses to Beware In 2021

Despite Macs having a reputation of robustness and high performance, the Apple devices are vulnerable to malware attacks. With the upsurge of cybersecurity attacks, online hackers are more sophisticated and can infiltrate Mac devices using different viruses. Your machine can get malware attacks when you are using the Internet or downloading files. If you get frequent pop-up alerts with advertisements, your machine might have a virus infection.

Most malware can infect your Mac through third-party software providers, plug-ins, or the internet browser. Thus, you need to know how to check for viruses and ways of removal. Apart from using Mac cleaners, you can also check for viruses manually. Some viruses can attack your Safari browser or Google chrome. Hence, ensure you understand the steps of how to get rid of Google chrome virus.

Therefore, it is imperative to know the top viruses that can attack your Mac. Here is a list of the malware types in 2021:


Spyware is a type of virus that attacks Apple devices. This software can subtly infiltrate your system. Most online hackers use this unwanted program to spy on users. It operates silently as a background app and spies on what you are browsing online. In addition, it steals your sensitive information and shares it with other hackers, ad agencies, and unauthorized people. Thus, spyware tracks and monitors the online activities of users for fraudulent purposes. Furthermore, the malware also adds traces of malicious files that damage machines.


When you keep seeing annoying pop-up ads in your machine, you could be infected with Adware. It is a type of virus that gains access to Mac devices during browsing sessions. Users often think it is a trustworthy app since it comes from reputable sources. When you click the ad, the malware takes control and starts connecting to malicious sites. You might also experience slow browsing speeds or browser changes without authorization.


Another top Mac virus is the Trojan, which is quite harmful. It is a malicious virus that tricks many users into perceiving it as a resourceful app. On the contrary, the Trojan is a deadly malware that aims to access your machine and gain control. Moreover, it allows the virus creator to infiltrate your machine and cause further damage. Trojans also monitors the users’ activities online and captures sensitive data.


Scamware is another destructive malware that disguises itself as a real program. Most users often fall victim to the virus, thinking they download helpful software. It tricks you into entering your details – login and bank account information. You might even make payments for antivirus software after receiving a warning alert. Or you might download a harmful app without proper knowledge.


Ransomware is another malicious malware that attacks Apple devices and gains control. It takes holds your files for ransom until you pay the hackers. Usually, the payments are in digital currencies to facilitate efficient transactions. Users often install ransomware from phishing attacks without knowing it is a deadly virus. Besides, you might not even get your files back after paying the hackers.


Today, cryptocurrencies are the new target for online hackers; that is why illegal crypto miners are spreading quickly. It is a type of malware that mines cryptocurrencies illegally by using the capacity of your computer. The virus can also use cookies to infiltrate your crypto wallet for currency theft.

Digital Literacy Is Key

It is vital to understand the malware types that can attack your Mac. Knowing the viruses will help you know the efficient elimination method and secure your machine from further damage. Moreover, if you realize your machine is infected, use an antivirus or contact a professional for assistance.