Top Computer Games for 2012 that Gamers should Play

top computer games for 2012

For gamers it’s like fantasy playing all the latest computer games. So we have collected a list of 4 top computer games for 2012 that a gamers should play. This includes 2011’s all time favorite game Batman Arkham city Asylum ,  Assassins Creed Revelations ,  Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim and L.A Noire.

1) Batman: Arkham City Asylum

The amazing action pact environment is one of the major reasons why you should be playing this game. The Gotham city which had been described many times in comic books and cartoons comes alive in a new and distinct way of its own as Arkham city. The game is filled with exciting adventures all around the city. The gangsters and mob bosses rule the city when you enter the game. The primary level is where you have nothing more than your mask to say that you are The Batman.

Batman: Arkham City Asylum

The game takes place is the highly detailed and creatively enriched city. The graphics detail is one thing you would certainly appreciate from the first look of this game. Arkham city would get you high and running all over the place like a maniac where action awaits you in every corner. The side quests add to the fun side of the game giving you a chance to feel the gaming edge and out of story mode feel.

Starting off at Arkham city you have not much left in your hand but as you move forward through the game and win the battles you earn experience points and respectively level up as you do so which would let you upgrade your suit, buy powerful gadgets and attain different combat skills. The upgrades you attain during the level ups bring real power into the gameplay and let you feel the power ups as you play on. You would know the power variations as these upgrades have a great impact on the gameplay itself. There are a lot of upgrade options to choose from and you would probably be leveling up even after you finish the main story line of the game.

Apart from all the fighting and crime side the Arkham city is the perfect place to move around doing stunts and actions of all kind. Once you get the hang of movement you can move, run, slide, fly and do whatever you want around the city with the push of a button and controlling everything with a feel of the game.

The fascinating environment, Amazing graphics detail, Thrilling gameplay and a wonderful storyline all together makes this game one of the most action pact games of 2012 and one of the best reasons why you should be playing this game right now.


2) L.A Noire

L.A Noire is a third person game similar to the Mafia series or Godfather but very much better than both of them based on graphics and authenticity as well as gameplay. La Noire takes us back to the 1940’s where the city is filled with crime and mob wars. The game centers on postwar Los Angeles.  The designers have made very good observations while recreating the cities and each detail within it. It is as if we were really back there and at some point we are actually able to smell the air as well. Apart from the games like Mafia and Godfather you don’t get to be on the Mob side instead you are a detective who have to walk through a lot of crime scenes and sad situations where you will have to work out the case and solve the crimes.

Intuitions are a major part of this game, it can be used to highlight and see where the important evidences lie while inspecting a crime scene. There are many gunfights, foot chases and car chases which you can attend to as side missions which pops up on the radio which you can either choose to attend to or not. Chasing is very easy in this game. Just make sure Phelps (the character you play) heading towards the target and he will automatically jump and cover all the fences and obstacles on the way. And at times you are able to shoot warning shots to bring the target to a halt as well.

The game brings out the 40’s appearance by the details added to the dress code, the buildings and mainly the automobiles. There are a lot of forgone vehicles that are bought back into being in this game. The weapons are one of the most important elements to games like L.A Noire and developers have looked into that as well with perfection.  The thing that sucks about guns is that there is no heads up display to tell how many rounds of bullets are left, however there is an alert when your ammunition is low. For the Melee Attacks you can use your Fists, pipe and Switchblade and for the handguns you have   Star Model P,  Colt M1911, Browning Hi-Power, 38 Detective Revolver, Smith & Wesson Model 27, FN Browning 1922, M1917 Revolver.

The Two rifles you can find include Browning automatic rifle, M1 Garand. You do get to mess around with a shot gun The 12 Gauge Pump action shotgun which is pretty powerful and useful at times as well. And the common sub machine guns include a Thompson M1.  The gun fights are very easy and you don’t have to be a pro gamer or a shooter gamer at all to shoot your targets and get away with it. You can use the standard cover and pop up shoot methods to put down you enemies.

The Noire Story is one of the most brilliant things about this game. Apart from an action pact adventure this game could touch you and make live and die along with it. Even though pro gamers could find some minor faults with the face graphics details and the investigation part, and even if the game doesn’t rate up as a professional game due to the easy gameplay it offers, the game outstands as one of the top games so far and that puts it in the list of the games you should be playing right now.


3) Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

An amazing sequel to the Elder Scrolls series which made a real impact on the gaming world. Not many gamers appreciated the Elder scrolls series due to its artificial environment and fiction filled story board. But Elder scrolls survived through with a decent rating of its own and there were many gamers who found the action in it. All of that changed big time When Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim kicked in, the game has an extreme level of graphics detail of its own where it takes us to the fiction filled lands of Elder scrolls. Skyrim is also a catchy name for this amazing game sequel. Skyrim is filled with immense amounts of tasks to perform all over the game. The adventurous land has the most action pact dragon battles of all. Many gamers rated it the best quality of the game as well.  The battles all over the game are in a way that we can approach it in many ways and in ways we want with our won strategies as well. This makes this game a cutting edge action game so far in the year.

The game literally has everything that a gamer would seek for in a game like this. While keeping close touch with the elder scrolls series the game is actually very thrilling and every quest you encounter has an excellent sense of context. The game is filled with surprises at every corner and the tasks can never end at all. Even though sometimes you can end up with tough puzzles which might bring your spirit down the remarkable battles ahead are intended to cheer you up for good.

Even though the tasks and the main story line itself is the main delight about the game the environment is something that needs to be appreciated as well. The Skyrim environment is a wonderful magic land with lot of high end graphics which would leave you stunned.  Apart from the way you mastery your character the action is always entertaining and varied. Bandits, trolls, Witches, Necromancers and many other foes want to bend you down from hero to nothing but a zero and you have to stand by yourself to defeat them all.

Skyrim allows you to be the type of warrior you want to be. You can be stealthy like a cat and hide and attack and slide and run like a ninja or just throw everything out and run into them head to head and have a raw wild combat. Even if you are not such a big fan of role playing games or if you are only interesting in games where you can be a gangsta shoot people up, Games like Grand Theft Auto, You would certainly like Skyrim Once you start playing it. It has got the core soul of a real gaming adventure and would certainly be a loss if you don’t have it in the list of games you should be playing right Now.

4) Assassins Creed Revelations

Assassin’s creed Revelations is the 4th sequel of the Assassins creed series from Ubisoft.  Ubisoft has always had a thing for the ancient history stories and they did an excellent job bringing up the Assassins creed to life. As the story goes after the Assassins creed Brotherhood sequence you are taken to the graphically enhanced version of 16th century Constantinople through the eyes of Ezio Auditore Da Firenze. The story doesn’t focus only on the ancestor as it used to, so basically apart from targeting Ezio’s life now it takes you to Desmond’s life as well as touching Altair’s along the border.

For gamers who had been tracking and playing the assassins creed series, they might end up wondering who the new characters are but the fact is they are the same characters with a new face. Desmond look entirely different and so does some of his allies. As always the game is going to literally thrill you to an extend you just can’t imagine. The storyline is perfect as always and the direction of the game is pure art. The game will certainly pull new gamers and will certainly cheer up the fans. The story has those moments where you will be filled with emotions and as always the ending will leave you standing with the unexpected and a suspense which will come up only in the later series.  In conclusion the Revelations series has everything that the Assassins Creed game should have.

The free running edge of the game just got better with Constantinople view and amazing new tricks which Ezio can do. There are some additions to the revelations sequence such as the hook. Ezio can now grab on to walls and buildings if he loses control and falls and can move long distances with hook which was not possible in the previous Assassins creed series. And to add more you get to buy parachutes which you can open in midair and have some fun. The parkour detail given to the revelations is amazing and deserves real appreciation. There have been additions to the gameplay as well as weaponry comparing to the previous versions. Now Ezio has the ability to access secondary weapons like the throwing knives, the small gun and bombs directly as well as the primary weapons like the hidden blade and swords. This new changes added to the revelations game really made a great change to the combat style as gamers can now respond faster than before and use the potential to full extent especially in hostile situations.

As before in the Assassins Creed Brotherhood, Revelations also allow you to recruit assassins into your clan. But in revelations the recruitments are more fun, meaningful as well as useful in the game. Your assassins fight of Templars and reduce their power over an area which eventually helps you throughout the long run.

Apart from the Assassins creeds former series the importance to movement has been really given deep thoughts and modification had been done to the game to give gamers the action pact edge they are looking for.  Not only the visual side but also the audio impact that makes on the gamers is real time. The soundtracks are very awesome.

Some of the basic flaws include the animation glitches which occur in high resolution and some out of synch areas. Another problem which most people don’t find as a problem at all is the fact that the gameplay is too simple. The fights chase, kills, puzzles and everything within the game is too simple for real time gamers and sometimes that could ruin the fun. But the games graphics and storyline picks it up really good so you won’t have a problem at all and besides new gamers could also enjoy the game to its full extend. Even though most people would find the cinematic cut scenes entertaining most gamers find it to be disturbing and ruining the flow of the game. Apart from these minor and negligible faults the Assassins Creed Revelations is excellent and one of the top rated as well as best seller of the year, and one of the most appropriate reasons why you should be playing it right now.

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