Top Must-Watch Movies for Techies

Almost every single futuristic movie has shown a new side of technology. Some have shown how helpful it can be, while others have shown how destructive it can be in the wrong hands. However, one thing’s for sure, technology is fascinating and certainly brings a new life to the movies. If you love technology and are searching for movies that feature some of the most mouth-watering and intriguing gadgets, settings, and visuals, then we have just the list for you. Here are some of the best films for techies.


Avatar is one of the best movies to come out in the last decade and it definitely showed some great use of technology. A machine capable of transforming a human being in a completely different specie – what could more awesome than that? Then there are mechs fighting mechs, aliens, and bunch of other creatures. If you haven’t watched this film, then you should get to it right away.

The Matrix

The Matrix is another tech heavy movie that intelligent machines are out to destroy the world. These machines deploy technological bad guys, agents, in a virtual world to do their dirty work. Out of the computer world, the machines are relentlessly searching for a group of rebels who are fighting an uphill battle to save humanity. That’s not all though as the movie also includes some philosophy, a few twists, and some incredible effects, including bullet time.


A hacker is kidnapped and is forced to take part in realistic video games. Here he must rely on his own talents and skills to escape the virtual world, but that of course is easier said than done. The movie was a great hit amongst the general public, and is a must-watch for a techie.

Edge of Tomorrow

There have been a lot of time travelling movies over the years, but Edge of Tomorrow uses this fictional technology amazingly well. In this movie, Tom Cruise dies and then come backs to life again and again for reasons that we’ll let you discover for yourself. It’s a remarkable journey and is a feast to watch for everyone, especially for the tech lovers.

Star Wars

The biggest reason people fell in love with the Star Wars trilogy was because of its use of technology. It is not forced on the viewers as there is just the right amount of it available in the movie. The spaceships, weapons, armors, and musical instruments really made the universe seem different. If by any chance or stroke of bad luck you’ve missed out on Star Wars, then now is the time to dive back in.

Minority Report

This movie follows an agent working in Pre-Crimes. The purpose of this organization is to catch the criminals before they are able to commit the crime. If the tech says that certain individual is going to do a crime, then Pre-Crime will stop them no matter what. Things start to take some interesting turns mid-way through the movie which you should find out for yourself.

Apollo 13

Unlike the movies mentioned above, Apollo 13 is based on a true story and should ideally be on the top of the list of movies to watch for techies. Three astronauts are travelling to the moon, but the mission goes haywire due to a problem in the spaceship. Now these people have to survive and the only way to do that is by staying in communication with the headquarters back on Earth. But of course that’s not going to easy. This movie just can’t be missed whether you’re a techie or not.

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