Top Five Tablets This Christmas

Every year we see more and more people opting for a tablet as a gift for their loved one for Christmas. This year we will see record sales for the devices the world once thought were a misfit at best! The launch of the original iPad spawned a new breed of hand held devices, but the question is which devices are the top of the tree this year?

Number 5 – LG G Pad 8.3

To make things clear, just getting into our top five means that the tablet in question is an excellent piece of kit, and the LG G Pad 8.3 is a worthy contender. LG have had a tough time of things over the last few years, but with some great smartphones hitting the shelves, as well as this svelte offering, it appears that they are a company on the up. With a premium, aluminium shell, a well designed skin sitting over the Android operating system, an excellent screen resolution and great looks all round, it’s no wonder that LG tablet sales are picking up. For someone who wants to avoid the all too well known offerings from Apple and Samsung, the LG could well be the midsized tablet to go for.

Number 4 Google Nexus 7

When Google first launched the stripped back Nexus 7 and 10, people were impressed. There’s no doubt the new incarnation of the smaller of the two tablets takes things one step further. With an impressive quad core processor and 2GB of Ram, this new version gives us what we were missing in the original package. The high res display outdoes the old nexus too, which we thought lacked a bit of vibrancy despite having a reasonable ppi specification. Being a Google tablet, you can also take advantage of any Android updates before other tablets get their hands on them. Overall, the Nexus is a fantastic option for anyone looking for an ultra portable tablet that they can easily slip into their bag, and it’s great for controlling in one hand on the move. An excellent device which just misses out on finding its way into our top three.

Number 3 Sony Experia Tablet Z

Despite having an up and down few years, Sony really knows how to design a beautiful piece of kit, and the Experia Z tablet simply oozes class and style. It’s not all about appearances for the Sony either. It’s one of the lightest of the large tablets on the market right now, and when you compare it to an iPad 4, you really notice the difference. Surprising little touches like being waterproof really do offer something new to the tablet arena. To sum up, Sony offer a tablet with fantastic looks, great usability, high quality processor speeds, a great screen with fantastic resolution, and all the functionality you would expect of a top end tablet. That’s why it’s in at number 3.

Number 2 iPad Mini 2 with Retina Display

Some people will be surprised to find the smaller Apple tablet sitting this high in the charts, but with such an impressive screen resolution on such a small device, coupled with the welcome addition of the A7 chip, and it was a no brainer. There are plenty of arguments to be had as to whether or not you want to devote your time and energy to Android or iTunes, but the simple fact is, there is no better tablet in this size range on the market right now. The iPad Mini still looks fantastic, but the screen really was a bit of a let down on the old iPad Mini. Now that problem has been resolved, it looks to be a stunning piece of kit with the build quality you would expect from Apple

Number 1 Apple iPad Air

A new name and it really is a new tablet from the undisputed kings of tablets. People are either for or against Apple it seems, but to us, this is just a beautiful looking device. We know that the screens are excellent, and we know that the A7 chip produces a wonderfully fluid experience on a tablet, but what we might not have expected was such a step forward in terms of the aesthetic of the device. Whisper it, but it does look like Apple has taken a lesson in design from other manufacturers when it comes to the new iPad air. It is more in line with typical 10 inch tablets that we see on the market, but of course Apple have refined this and brought us something completely new. It’s a million miles from the iPad 4 in terms of design, but we think that’s a good thing. Add to this a significant reduction in weight, and we’re left with the best tablet on the market right now.

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