Twitter makes changes to ad promotion features

Twitter Adds Video to Boost Mobile Apps Promotion

This feature is set to be available for mobile app developers worldwide over the coming month.

Promoting mobile ads on Twitter is not only easy, but also cost effective. With the micro-blogging platform’s new mobile app promotion feature, the mobile app developers can showcase their apps in the form of videos to 255 million users of the service.

Twitter users will get a better understanding of the apps, their features, and their benefits by watching app promotion videos. The social media platform has introduced a video app card for this purpose. The video card will play automatically once the feature is live.

Twitter is also changing how and when advertisers will pay for their ads. From now onwards, marketers will be liable to bid and pay only when the user install their app. This payment mechanism is very beneficial for the marketers compared to the previous mechanism that required advertisers to pay every time a user clicked on the app install ad and opened Google Play Store, even if they did not install the app.

Twitter will use its keyword tracking, mobile device detection, and other tools to target these app promotion videos to those Twitter users who are most likely to download the app, thus increasing its revenues.

Twitter has taken this step after facing a decline in its revenues in the first quarter. Also, there is a tough competition with other social networks like Facebook and YouTube working to enhance their ad promotion feature.


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