Twitter Introduces ScratchReel

Twitter Introduces ScratchReel, A GIF Rewinding/Forwarding Tool

As good as this tool is, it will only be applied to the creations by Snappy TV.

Twitter has introduced a new tool called ScratchReel which will allow users to rewind or advance GIFs as they please. Previously, this option wasn’t present, which meant that users had to go through the whole GIF over and over again just to get the gist of it.

However, don’t expect every GIF there is to utilize this feature, as Twitter revealed that ScratchReel will only apply to GIFs that have been created by @SnappyTV publishers.

The lengthier GIFs are pretty hard to watch because of their duration, but now that users have the option of rewinding and advancing the time, we can expect to see a whole lot of sizable GIFs on Twitter.

Twitter has not been doing as well as they would have liked, which is why they are coming up with different ways to attract more users to their platform. Just last week, they introduced ‘Likes’ to replace the ‘Favorite’ feature and it has been doing rather well. This new GIF feature is also expected to take off as soon as the users get a hang of it.


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