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Twitter to Set 10000 Character Limit for Tweets – Report

However, it will only show 140 characters and hide the remaining.

For all those who are planning to leave or have already left Twitter due to its strict 140 characters-tweet policy, the microblogging service is reportedly working on increasing the character limit for tweets to 10000. However, it will continue to display the first 140 characters of the tweet only, while clicking on the tweet will expand it to reveal the complete text.

Sources familiar with the company are suggesting that the feature will go live by the end of first quarter.

Breaking the news, Re/code reported that the character limit may increase or decrease before the feature hits the market.

According to reliable sources, Facebook’s rival is also creating an action plan to handle spamming issue once the feature goes live.

Twitter has been facing a slower growth rate for some time now. The company’s CEO Jack Dorsey is striving hard to boost its growth by introducing new features lately, the most prominent of them being the launch of Moments.

Whether the feature will be able to boost the company’s traffic or not is yet to be seen.

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