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This VPN Has Been Accused of Violating Users’ Privacy

All of us are familiar with the plenteous benefits that a VPN service offers to its users. First and foremost is the online privacy. It claims to protect their users’ privacy from everyone including internet service providers, providing complete internet freedom and online anonymity.

However, while keeping users’ privacy intact from the prying eyes, let’s keep in mind that a VPN provider also has access to the same data that it’s been protecting from the outsiders. A VPN can effectively snoop on their users’ web traffic. That is the reason why users are advised to go through the privacy policies of a VPN provider and to make sure the VPN doesn’t keep a log of their online data before deciding to opt for one.

Lately, a nonprofit privacy group, Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT), has accused one of the oldest and renowned VPN services namely Hotspot Shield of violating their own privacy policies. According to CDT, Hotspot Shield has interfered with their user’s web traffic and redirected the same to third parties like advertising agencies. As cited in the 14-page filing, CDT has requested Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to further investigate into the matter and find out whether Hotspot Shield has been engaged in “unfair and deceptive trade practices’ or not.

This might be a disappointing news for the regular Hotspot Shield users and could also result in them to quit using the VPN service altogether.

On Monday, Hotspot Shield’s CEO, David Gorodyansky has reportedly told that CDT’s allegations were “unfounded,” and that Hotspot “protect[s] user personally identifiable information from both third parties and from ourselves.”

We hope the allegations made by CDT turn out to be untrue and we do not lose our faith in Hotspot Shield. Let’s wish this VPN service all the best!

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