What Is Cloud Based Email Management?

Our modern world is being bombarded with an exponentially increasing amount of data, and there is a significant danger that many organisations are being suffocated by too much of it. Creating data is easy, but finding solutions for storing, accessing and utilising it is not. A number of organisations are developing better solutions for handling it, and Mimecast is one of them. The company specialises in cloud based email management, and this article looks at the sort or approach that is used.

Much of the data generated in the world is email, and commerce is now totally dependent on it. Stop email and the world of commerce would grind to a halt, yet most of the email is either useless or is junk. Many organisations receive thousands or even hundreds of thousands of emails every day, yet they must be able to find each individual needle in this giant haystack.

Cloud based email management adopts an approach that includes amongst other things email archiving, email security and email continuity. Any email  archiving solution must cater for a number of requirements: it must comply with legislation regarding email retention; it must be appropriate for the purposes of legal discovery as required by the law courts; it should provide a backup in case of disaster; it should be available for content monitoring for commercial and personnel purposes; and it should provide a cost effective storage solution that ideally frees up IT resources. At the same time, all users of email in the organisation should be able to search and access all of the sent and received email that is appropriate for them to do their job.

Email must also have continuity. Email is now so important that any significant outage is likely to be commercially detrimental. Ideally cloud based email management systems will maintain email functionality even during unplanned outages.With the ever increasing amount of email threats that have occurred over recent times, the importance of email security has become ever more apparent. As well as providing secure encryption, email security management should remove unwanted email, protect the organisation from email threats, and provide privacy and data security. Cloud based email management is not the only solution; many large organisations still use their own IT departments to manage email, but it is getting more difficult for them to do so. Often the main reason holding them back is the perceived enormity of the task of transferring their email management from on-premises deployment to the cloud; but the day when they will need to bite the bullet is drawing ever closer.

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