Why AI is importtant

Why is artificial intelligence important for social media?

Whether we like it or not, social networks are taking an increasingly important place in our lives. Whether it’s social pressure or a need to belong, almost all of us use at least one. With millions of data exchanged every day, social media platforms are forced to add artificial intelligence to monitor and moderate content. Let’s look at why AI is so important to social media.

Artificial intelligence algorithms are used to solve many different problems. For some, they are a source of distrust, and for others, they are an excellent solution that supports the development of many industries. As a result, artificial intelligence is starting to occupy an increasingly important place in our lives, and its influence is also being felt more and more in our digital social media. Therefore, it is worth looking at the promises and possibilities of using artificial intelligence in social networks.

Rising usefulness of AI in social media

Artificial intelligence applied to social networks has grown exponentially and is vital to the most prominent players in the sector – internet giants – who have made significant investments to integrate it into their strategy. Such technologies can filter and interpret vast amounts of data from different sources to perform a wide variety of tasks.

From a marketing standpoint, thanks to efficient AI solutions, platforms can recognize and especially considerably know their target audience to offer them relevant content, attract them more effectively and retain them for longer. For example, all social media news channels use artificial intelligence to personalize the flow of information based on unique data about their users.

People often imagine artificial intelligence as sentient robots that will take over the world in the future. But this is far from the truth. The point is that AI exists to enhance the quality of life and free up time or aid jobs that don’t demand thoughtful human effort. Social media is one area where AI is thriving, and this article will explore its impact on the development of these popular communication channels. But first, let’s look at the characteristics of the concept of artificial intelligence.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science whose goal is to create machines that automate specific tasks and increase efficiency. Artificial Intelligence is used in hundreds of industries around the world in various forms:

  • Factories use robots to automate processes and production
  • Recruitment agencies use artificial intelligence in intelligent software that helps increase productivity
  • AI is great for forecasting and valuable for industries that need supply and demand data to find the best time to roll out products

Due to the properties of artificial intelligence, both social media users and the platforms themselves make intensive use of artificial intelligence. For example, social media users create influencers out of AI models. One of these AI influencers, Miquela, has over 3 million followers on Instagram with a feed that would drive more than one online creator envious.

On the other hand, when we look at social platforms, we can find that AI allows not only to identify user interactions but also to find a method to reach new consumers who, for some reason, are not yet present on the platform. So let’s take a closer look at some examples of AI in some of the most popular social media.

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Instagram moderation algorithm

Artificial intelligence algorithms make it possible to effectively combat the spread of hatred and profanity in social networks. You can receive hateful, offensive, racist comments on any social network. Fortunately, platform developers are successfully fighting this phenomenon with the help of artificial intelligence. An excellent example of using AI for this purpose is Instagram, which has the option of surveillance and comment moderation. The algorithm will analyze user comments before publishing to eliminate offensive ones thanks to AI Instagram. As the creator, you can choose the words you want to prevent publication in the comment. As a commenter, however, before posting a comment, you can even see a message asking if you are sure you are posting what you wrote if the comment contains an illegal word.

Twitter and denunciations on a fake account

Twitter is also an excellent example of using artificial intelligence in social media. AI experts created one of the algorithms used by the platform to analyze accounts that automatically publish false messages or network information. To help AI learn how to recognize this modus operandi, Twitter gives users to denounce these fake accounts. That is how the AI learns and develops to delete these accounts independently.

Facebook’s numerous algorithms

Of course, we could not have written this article without citing the example of Facebook and its numerous algorithms. Facebook is widely known for advances in artificial intelligence and significant investments in this field. Specifically, Facebook monitors the content of its users, personalized their newsfeed, translates into several languages, and works with voice/face search.

In addition, so much content is published and downloaded on this website every day that Facebook cannot exist without artificial intelligence. Furthermore, over a billion subscribers connect to Facebook every day. Therefore, it is not surprising that the social network uses a range of artificial intelligence algorithms. Each action carried out on Facebook is possible only thanks to the presence of AI, and each step requires the intervention of a precise AI solution.

Why do social media platforms use AI?

Why platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram turn to artificial intelligence is unsurprising. Social media can attribute artificial intelligence to two main reasons: increased revenues and security. Improving the network with AI has a noticeable impact on the number of users using it and thus on its turnover. On the other hand, in terms of security, the role of AI is not limited to removing fake accounts from these platforms. For example, the benefits of using sophisticated algorithms on Twitter alone have made it possible to deactivate more than 300,000 terrorist accounts. Thanks to this, social media can take an active part in activities for safety in the world. That is a vast power that social media would not achieve without the help of artificial intelligence and its advanced algorithms.