Vingo Fitness

Why You Should Install Vingo App Today?

If you are a fan of indoor workouts, you need to read this. The fitness world, as you know, is going through a lot of changes constantly. One such change is being bought out by an app called Vingo, and it is a radical way for you to keep fit. It is designed to take away the boredom out of your indoor exercises and spice up your routine. If you haven’t heard about this amazing app, here are a few features and applications of the app that will surely make you want it.

The App is Renewed with Realistic Graphics

The app works with a simple basic principle, creating a virtual reality for the user, where he or she can feel comfortable while they exercise. This virtual reality is made possible using the screen from your smart device, be it your smartphone, or your iPad or even your smart TV. All you need to do is install the app on your device and open it on the screen. To make the VR as realistic as possible, the app is designed with real images from famous spots around the world. By enhancing the imagery, the developers have created a magnificent & dreamy world inside the app.

Get Better & Accurate Tracking of Physical Activity

Next comes the exercise part. Once you install the app on your smart device, you need to pair it with your equipment. It could be your treadmill or your training bike. You can set up your screen before the equipment before you start exercising. The app then monitors your movements on your equipment using the ANT+ sensors inbuilt in them. These sensors will check your speed, your resistance settings, and even your inclination measurements on your equipment and relay them on the screen, giving you an immersive experience while you work-out.

You can Use the App Free For One Year

As a part of reaching out to people, the Vingo app has been placed in the beta mode for the whole of 2022. This means you can install and use the app for free, for the entirety of the year. You can create your own profile in it and access all the virtual maps and features for free.

You Get to Use Up to 8 Profiles

Also, you can invite up to eight people to join you in your account. Each of the members can then create their own account and all of you can enjoy the app’s premium features all year long. This will make sure all your friends and family can get fit with you, and all of you can have a great time together.

Use the App for Both Running & Cycling

This run go app can be used for both running and cycling. As we mentioned before you can pair the app with both your treadmill and your exercise bike. This way you can go on a jogging trip in the Himalayas one day and you can cycle across the Sahara desert the other day. So, what are you waiting for?