The Witness

The Witness Review – Best Puzzle Platformer for Smartphones

The Witness was a huge success on its initial PC and consoles release, and now it has made its way to smartphones. The reason it this game got so much praise was because of how beautifully the story was crafted, told, and the game played overall. So, everything in the game was perfect, which eventually led to it winning multiple Game of the Year awards. Now you get to experience this phenomenal title on your smartphone and it hasn’t lost its edge.


You wake up on a remote island with no memory of who you are and how you got there. As you solve the puzzles of the island, you begin to figure what has exactly happened to you. The story is brilliantly designed and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. The best parts are the puzzles, which don’t get repetitive at all. They keep on the changing as your progress through the storyline and that keeps the experience fresh. Other puzzle games rely on one kind of puzzle with different variation, but that’s not the case here. Puzzles here have meaning as they are a way to progress the story. More you unlock, more you discover, and it is that sense of discovery that urges you to keep on going until the very end.


In terms of gameplay, there isn’t much to do. You basically walk from one place to another. It is a remote island so you won’t be coming across anyone. The whole gameplay is comprised of puzzles, which as mentioned before keep on changing on regular basis, hence keeping overall gameplay experience fresh. The puzzles aren’t that simple to go through, you really have to think about each and every one of your move, only then will you be able to get results. There will be some simple, straight forward puzzles, but most of them require sharp mind and a lot of thinking. These puzzles, along with an incredible story make The Witness worth it.


Priced at mere $10, The Witness is easily one of the best games available on the smartphones right now. There aren’t many puzzle games that go out of their way to keep the experience interesting or even include an interesting story. Things however, are different when it comes to The Witness. They have integrated one of the best puzzles into the game, and they are accompanied by an enthralling story. Finding these elements in the modern day video games is near impossible, which is why The Witness is an experience that should not be missed. This game would of course not be for everyone as it requires a lot of thinking, and time. So keep that in mind, it’s not a casual game which can play at any time. You will need to invest time and your mind in it to move forward in the story.

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