Xbox One Preview Program

Xbox One Preview Program’s Latest Update Causing Slow Downs

Microsoft introduced Xbox One preview program so that a small number of people can test the new updates before they are released for public. Everything was going smoothly until an update that just came out. This update is causing operating system to slow down, making it harder for the users to access their games.

Problems in preview program were expected to arise but Microsoft had been doing pretty well to resolve them until now. It seems that the latest update has added something that is not sitting well with the OS, resulting in slow downs.

A number of users have reported this issue, and as of now there’s no fix for it. However, now that the cat is out of the bag, Microsoft will surely be looking to roll out a solution.

If you are also a member of Xbox One preview program and haven’t updated your console to the latest firmware just yet, then we advise you to not do it until this slow down problem is taken care of.

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